Its here that the old-fashioned catwalk, a balance beam of sorts, finishes the loop by zigzags through the cypress along the creeks edge.

Adventuresome hikers who want to have a little fun on a nature path need to experience this stretch of old-time catwalk through the cypress swamp at Highlands Hammock State Park.

Its a tradition were pleased the park has kept, from the simpler days of Florida tourist.

The approach boardwalk is broad and wheelchair-accessible, leading back to an observation platform where things go retro.

Teeter-tottering above an overload? Come see Floridas wilds the way the first tracks in the state were constructed.

Taking a look at the creek in the overload


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Open 8 AM to sunset. Leashed dogs welcome in the park however not recommended on the Cypress Boardwalk.

Location: SebringLength: 0.6 mile loopTrailhead: 27.471619, -81.552473 Address: 5931 Hammock Rd, SebringFees: $6 per vehicleRestroom: At the picnic location and concessionLand manager: Florida State ParksPhone: 863-386-6094

Please keep close watch on children on the historic catwalk-style boardwalks along this loop.


The boardwalk narrows substantially.

Checking out the cypress swamp.

Passing under a large wild grapefruit tree, the path emerges from the forest. Cross the grassy location to go back to the parking area, completing the 0.6-mile circuit.

Dry ground at the end of the boardwalk.

After 0.2 mile, the broad boardwalk ends. Now, the walking becomes an adventure.

Pickerelweed flowering at creek level.

You reach a little observation platform with a bench. Take a seat and look throughout the creek, and you may stare right into the eyes of an alligator watching you.

The boardwalk curves to cross the creek, passing an observation platform with a bench where you can sit and look upstream.

The star of the boardwalk is available.

Continue past the platform on the initial narrow catwalk with its low single rail. Take your time as you stroll along these 4 direct planks just a number of feet above the dark water of the creek.

Youre instantly surrounded by the sensory experience of the cypress slough. Midnight black water flows nearly imperceptibly between the cypress knees.

Follow US 27 south from Avon Park or north from Lake Placid to Hammock Rd (CR 634) in Sebring, at a traffic light with popular signage. Turn west and follow the roadway into the park. The entryway station is on the guests side, and a bike path parallels the road to the park
When inside evictions, keep going and youll reach the one-way counterclockwise driving loop. The Cypress Boardwalk is about 1.5 miles along this loop drive, on the.

The noise of cicadas echoes through the forest, a low undercurrent like a crackling fire.

Treking Trails at Highlands Hammock.

Walking between the thick ferns.

The forest is still. The dank sweet aroma of decaying leaves rises from below, as do the grunts of young alligators.

The boardwalk creaks and groans as you continue through the swamp, passing another platform with a bench. When the boardwalk ends, follow the path through the hammock.


Keep an eye out into the overload, and you see royal ferns and cinnamon ferns growing in clumps at the bases of the cypresses, and red maples dropping their leaves into the water.

Path Map.

As evidenced by the size of the parking location, this is the most popular path in the park.Follow the broad boardwalk straight into the dark cypress overload along Little Charlie Bowlegs Creek.

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Highlands Hammock State ParkOne of Floridas earliest state parks, Highlands Hammock secures an old-growth forest while enabling you to explore it on a network of routes built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.

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