In between, it treats you to a spectrum of habitats from lakeside soggy to dry and high.

We utilized the map at the primary kiosk to put together this path at the north end of the trail system. This North Loop strikes the peaks at both Fox Lake and South Lake.

Our first visit to Fox Lake Sanctuary was very quickly after the protect opened its tracks. They were rather rough through the palmettos and bayheads.

Scrub ridge near the lake


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Open 7 AM to sunset. Paths might be soggy or under water after a rain.

Snap a photo of the path map at the kiosk before setting out on the trail system. Trail maps are published at major called trail intersections, but some are faded from the sun.

Location: TitusvilleLength: 3.6 mile loopTrailhead: 28.5886, -80.8746 Address: 4400 Fox Lake Rd, TitusvilleFees: FreeRestroom: Near Pavilion I in Fox Lake ParkLand supervisor: Brevard CountyPhone: 321-264-5185


Treking Trails at Fox Lake Sanctuary.

The canopy above is of loblolly bay, the understory dense with saw palmetto. There are roots underfoot and, in early summertime, great deals of blooms overhead.

Crossing the next sand roadway, the path continues through the open flatwoods. Make a left at the next junction marker and map.

Making a left at the next crossway after 1.1 miles, you get in the open pine flatwoods that comprise the core of the preserve.

Tunneling back into bayhead, the marshy edge of the lake shows up before the path finally turns away from it, heading north.

Loblolly bay makes up much of the shoreline of Fox Lake.

Turn right and follow the yellow markers along the edge of the scrub and bayhead back past the junction with the Wetland Trail and as much as the preliminary path junction.

The trail creeps closer to the lake. Right after, the trail pops out under the pines, with soft pine duff underfoot.

Crossing a sand road, you quickly reach the next junction. Continue directly ahead, crossing more stretches of bog bridge in the open grassy field.

Map at the exit from the path system.

At 2.1 miles, you reach Moss Point. Its an apt description for this beauty spot, the prettiest point in the protect up until now. Spanish moss hangs thickly from the oaks.

Strolling in between ancient saw palmetto on the recently cut path.

Making a sharp right to start a series of zigzags through the saw palmetto, the trail reaches the junction for the Youth Camp and South Lake Landing at 2.6 miles.


Crossing a firebreak, you can see the glimmer of a lake to the. Thats South Lake, at the north end of the protect.

Winding in between high pines, it drops down through a wetland on a boardwalk, goes up along a fenceline, and snakes through old-growth saw palmetto.

The trail leads you into high prairie lawns. Slabs bridge a series of boggy spots in the wettest part of the grassy field. Deers- tongue grows to unexpected heights.

Overlook on South Lake.

After 0.6 mile, you pertain to a trail junction with a map. This is the return route of the Wetlands Trail coming in from the. Continue straight ahead.

From Interstate 95 exit 215 in Titusville, take SR 50 east to the major traffic signal at SR 405. Turn. Drive north on SR 405 for 2.2 miles. Turn left at the traffic light for Fox Lake Rd. Follow it to where it ends at Fox Lake Park. Turn right and follow the one-way roadway through the park. When it turns away from the boat ramp, look for the trailhead kiosk versus the trees near Pavilion I.

Rising to higher ground amidst pines and oaks at the south end of South Lake, the trail leaves the lakeshore behind.

Crossing the open flatwoods.

John determining up to deers- tongue.

The path loses elevation sharply when you reach it. You see what appears like the edge of a coastline through the trees. Live oaks have bromeliads in their limbs.

It provides erratic views throughout the lake. A long boardwalk covers a hydric hammock along the lake.

The side path leads out to South Lake one last time. Follow the yellow blazes back into the open pine flatwoods at the center of the maintain.

Footpath through the pine duff.

Start your walking at the trailhead kiosk. All tracks share this common entrance to the protect. The path is well beaten down by utilize.

Skimming the edge of the pine flatwoods, the trail works it way back under the shade of the oaks and loblolly bay.Ferns thrive in the damp understory, consisting of a natural bowl of netted chain fern. Spaghnum moss grows everywhere.

Reaching a major junction for the trail system at 0.8 mile, youll discover another trail map. Take the path on the right to remain on the perimeter of the loop.

Passing a triple-trunked loblolly bay, the path turns right and briefly drops into a trough.

A little elevation means a go back to the pine flatwoods. Crossing the next sand road, continue straight towards the bayhead in the distance.

The path makes a beeline towards Moss Point, leading into another bayhead before popping out into the flatwoods again.

Crossing a sand road, you see a number of yellow markers on a tree branch. While breathtaking, this area offers little shelter.

Continue straight ahead past the trail map. Emerge at the trailhead kiosk in Fox Lake Park after 3.6 miles.

After 0.2 mile it emerges from a tunnel of vegetation to the large open flatwoods and a path junction with a map. The Orange Trail and Wetlands Trail turn left. Turn.

By 2.8 miles, youve reached a familiar crossway. Continue straight ahead through the bayhead, emerging within sight of Fox Lake at 3.2 miles.

In the dense lakeside hammock.

The path jogs close to the lake, and ultimately opens to a view of Fox Lake at the kayak landing.

Path Map.

Look underfoot for the little things, like wildflowers and a gopher tortoise burrow near the base of a slash pine.

Leaving Moss Point, the path tunnels through the oak hammock, over the “gatorback” roots of the saw palmetto while paralleling the lakeshore.

View of Fox Lake.

Strolling to Moss Point.

After another stretch of pine flatwoods, the surface changes. Walking through a stand of cabbage palms resembles strolling through a portal.

Bog bridge over a seasonal stream.

Wildflowers in the scrubby flatwoods adjacent the trail.
Curving right, it heads downhill towards the lake, then makes a sharp left to tunnel into the bayhead.

Leading into a passage of ferns within the shade of the bayhead near Fox Lake, the trail pops out into an open area where scrub and scrubby flatwoods fulfill.

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All tracks share this typical entryway to the maintain. After 0.2 mile it emerges from a tunnel of plants to the large open flatwoods and a path junction with a map. The Orange Trail and Wetlands Trail turn left. After 0.6 mile, you come to a trail junction with a map. When you reach it, the path loses elevation greatly.