Following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, guest interest towards flying also waned amidst security fears. Passenger numbers for 2002 were 1.63 billion, just somewhat lower than the 1.66 billion who flew in 2001. Guest numbers dont inform the entire story.

The 9/11 attacks likewise forced airlines to cut expenses through furloughs, layoffs, and most especially, combination. Following the attacks, airlines likewise ended up being more cautious and shelved strategies for aggressive growth.

In the heart of Australian wilderness lies Alice Springs. The town– informally known as Alice– is the website of indigenous human existence dating back nearly 30,000 years.

Whether Covid-19 has a similar effect on the market and how guests fare in the aftermath will depend on a couple of things.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has caused passenger demand to collapse, requiring airlines to park, rather than fly, their aircrafts. Alice offers conditions perfect to do simply that.

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The collapse in flight demand has actually been driven mostly by public law. As Covid-19 spread, governments around the world selected– in the interests of maintaining public health– to prohibit entry to non-residents. Some countries like India, Malaysia and South Africa stopped releasing visitor visas. Others like the Australia, New Zealand and the United States suspended visa-free travel reciprocity. The move not just ended the plans of millions of travellers however likewise required airlines to stop serving once-lucrative markets. Flying empty airplanes around makes little financial sense. Getting aircrafts back in the air will need an easing of federal government entry limitations.

In the heart of Australian wilderness lies Alice Springs. The town– informally understood as Alice– is the site of indigenous human presence dating back almost 30,000 years. Since April, four Airbus A380s have made their way to the little town. The spread of the novel coronavirus has triggered guest demand to collapse, forcing airline companies to park, rather than fly, their planes. Alice uses conditions perfect to do just that.