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Leah NicholsonThe trailer is set up to serve anything that can be found in a keg, whether thats beer, wine, and even cocktails. She assists her clients source their wanted beverages and prepare for the trailers part in their occasion.

Wedding event receptionIn her look for funding, Leah discovered that Draft Florida was a hard cost small company grants. From the misconceptions about the idea to the hesitancy from loan providers to support an alcohol-based brand name, Leah found herself with few options.

Leah built Draft Floridas truck from the ground up herself, planning out the design in sticky notes on her bedroom wall. She funded the construct with her own money and a personal loan she was forced to get, and put all she had into the trailers building and construction, which Leah made with her own 2 hands. What started as a rentable wedding and occasion trailer, rapidly morphed into a method to assist out bars and dining establishments in need of taking their businesses outside for social distancing.


In honor of International Womens Day, Colorful Clearwater highlights regional female entrepreneur and independent hospitality owner, Leah Nicholson, who helms Draft Florida, a mobile beverage trailer she rents out to customers for their use.

Thats when she found The VELO Hustle, a virtual pitch competitors series that functions as a method to support little business owners in search of financing and mentorship. As the winner of her VELO Hustle episode, Leah was granted $10,000, which she put towards her strategies for the trailers future consisting of initial funds for franchise extension and marketing invest to develop the brands awareness.