I just recently saw “The Meg”, a terrible sci-fi movie based around the reemergence of an extinct super-sized shark and its proclivity for biting submarines. Fun, but fiction!

100 million years back, the “Meg” did exist. It wandered the seas and feasted primarily on large mammals, like whale. Now, all thats left of it is a historic record which can be seen at Gainesvilles Florida Museum of Natural History. The exhibition is on view up until January 10, 21 and will take about an hour to stroll it and read the interactive displays. The museum is free, however there are charges to see this particular display (as well as the Butterfly House). Adult admission is $8, and there a discount rates for kids, UF trainees and seniors. There is a $4 parking charge. COVID preventative measures remain in location, a description of fees, and museum hours can be discovered on the museum website.

The megalodon grew to over 60 feet. At the exhibition you can stroll through a large, life-size modelShark teeth are big … sharp … and constantly interesting!Megalodons didnt mess around with little prey. They ate BIG!At the megalodon display, youll learn more about all sharks. There are hundreds of types of these fish, extant and extinct. Some huge, some little, however none as huge as the “meg”!