Packing for a trip to Florida isnt as simple as tossing your clothes into a baggage; youll need to take into consideration the environment and present season, as well as where you are taking a trip and by what means. Driving down to Florida is much different than taking a plane relating to space and item restrictions.
The ultimate packaging list for a Florida trip

3-5 tee shirts or tank tops
2-3 shorts, capris or skirts
2 long trousers or denims
1 long sleeve tee shirt
1-2 sundresses
1-2 nightlife clothing
5-7 underclothing
5 set of socks
1 sweatshirt, sweatshirt, light jacket
1 set of durable shoes (wear to fly).
1 pair flip flops or flats.
2 swimsuits.
1 daypack.
1 sarong or cover-up.
1 hat.
Wallet & & & ID Travel files.
Medications (daily, important, allergic reaction).
Gum or mints.
Sunglasses, prescription glasses, or contacts.
Anti-bacterial wipes.
Fuzzy socks & & & flip flops.
Make up.
Tooth brush.
Smart phone & & & charger Portable battery pack & & & adapters Camera & lens, charger, batteries( 2 ), sd card (2 ), & an external disk drive & & Lacrosse or tennis ball(.
perfect to get rid of neck and neck and back pain in flight) Shampoo & Conditioner Brush & comb Hair ties and.
headbands– Humidity can doinsane things to your hair! Toothbrushes & tooth paste Moisturizer Shaving equipment Any medications or contact lenses you require Lipbalm with SPF Sunscreen Bugspray Refillable water bottle Fanny pack Beach bag Beach blanket Kindle or books Laptop computer system and battery charger iPad Water resistant, sandproof iPhone case Neck pillow Loadingcubes Travel size bottle.
of sun block Unscented anti-bacterial cream Travel size tooth paste Travel size bug spray.
Odorless Lotion Cortisone, Benadryl.
, or anti-itch cream Superglue.
Eye drops( allergy.
or saline )Travel size contact alternative( if needed) Pain reducer( Tylenol, Paracetemol, Ibuprofen) Allergy medications( Benadryl.
, Claritin, Loratadine,.
other antihistamine) After-sun gel Immodium/Loperamide Neosporin or antibacterial cream Epi Pen if needed (2) Bandaids, athletic tape & gauze Tums, Pepto Bismol, or antacid tablets Security pins Butterfly bandaids Ace plaster The post Packing list for your Florida vacation appeared initially on Florida Rentals Blog.