The other half of the trail is completely accessible, a boardwalk through mangrove forests out to the Halifax River, providing a good sense of balance for hikers of all abilities.

Thanks to ancient dunes and enormous middens, part of the trail is a roller-coaster with steep climbs up and dips and panoramas.

House of the Green Mound, a substantial archaeological site, Ponce Preserve is likewise natures last stand on the barrier island where car racing was born, safeguarding 41 acres.

Not just is the terrain enjoyable, but two nature-themed play grounds tempt households with kids into the seaside forest.

Most of it is set beneath a canopy of coastal scrub, with silvery-blue tinged saw palmetto dominating the understory.

The boardwalk section of the trail is quite considerable


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Open dawn to sunset. The boardwalk is available. Natural surface area courses lead up and over the forest dunes and to the beach.

Use care at roadway crossings. Although it is state law for motorists to pick up crosswalks, they seldom do. Flags are supplied to flag down traffic.

Kayak put-in and fishing is throughout the street from the paved parking lot. Beach access is by means of the treking trail loop.

Location: Ponce InletLength: 1.6 miles round-trip and loopTrailhead: 29.11411,-80.949503 Address: 4401 South Peninsula Dr, Ponce InletFees: NoneRestroom: At the parking areaLand manager: City of Ponce InletPhone: 386-236-2150


A few of the oak trees are rather large. At the next T, turn left and head uphill. At the top of the hill, turn left.

Cross Peninsula Drive carefully, and continue onto the boardwalk trail. It passes the kayak put-in.

Passing from state ownership to county and lastly to the city of Ponce Inlet, the preserve was largely left alone for years up until the trail system was developed.

The path continues through the oak tunnel prior to going up into the tall dunes. The dunes are covered in a blanket of saw palmetto, many sporting a silvery-blue shade.

Prior to the 1940s, big amounts of the midden were carted away as roadway fill before archaeologists mentioned the importance of keeping it intact.

After 1.2 miles, this is a terrific area to being in the shade and look for dolphin and manatees. Return back the method you came along the boardwalk to complete the walking.

Wildflowers grow in between the walkway and the palmetto. At the very peak of the dunes, a side path leads left to the observation tower.

When Peninsula Drive is visible up ahead, make a left and follow the winding course along the edge of the mound. Oyster shells spill into the course.

View of the Atlantic Ocean from the boardwalkAfter crossing the crosswalk, continue past the path you can be found in on. This broad path heads downhill into the oak hammock atop the Green Mound.

Historic marker for the Green Mound.

The trail tunnels underneath a low canopy of oaks.

The nature play ground closest to the parking area.

Made from oyster shells, it is thought to have actually been built by late St. Johns Period cultures and inhabited between 500 B.C. and 1565 A.D.

A landmark tree atop the Green Mound.

Leaving the oak, continue directly ahead into the more youthful oak hammock. The path winds past side tracks and a handful of picnic benches.

After a climb, the trail reaches a T junction with the initial path throughout the property. Turn right to walk up to the crosswalk leading to the beach. Usage care crossing A1A.

Its a climb up into the seaside hammock under a dense canopy of sand live oaks. At the next junction, turn.

At the primary entryway.

This short side path ends at an ancient live oak, sprawled across the top of the Green Mound.


The boardwalk is a delightful walk, specifically to view the birds flock in from far away as the sun sets over the river.

About the Preserve.

Winding through a salt meadow, it passes many tidal inlets, and gives you that “practically Everglades” feel, particularly with the fragrance of the tidal muck.

The path ends at a ramp and staircase down to the beach, where you can take a beach walk if you like. Reverse here to return to the primary part of the maintain.

Trail Map.

When you reach A1A (Atlantic Avenue), turn. Turn right at Old Carriage Road and drive down to Peninsula Drive, which parallels the Intracoastal Waterway. Continue 0.4 mile to the preserve entryway on the.

A secondary parking lot– always busier than the main one– is at this crossing. Continue down the accessible boardwalk through the dunes.

More recent amenities like the boardwalk system, two nature playgrounds, picnic areas, and an observation tower atop the dune ridge have actually made this a park for any ages to take pleasure in.

The seaside dunes as seen from the observation tower.

The factor that Ponce Preserve exists is the Green Mound. Once one of the largest middens on the Atlantic Coast, the Green Mound is more than more than fifty feet high.

The boardwalk leads through an expansive coastal meadow to the Halifax River.

Reaching the last of several observation decks along the boardwalk, you reach the Halifax River, where you might find an angler or more.

Starting at the main kiosk at the parking lot, at the far end of the parking area from the nature play ground, enter the maritime forest. Turn right at the very first junction.

Excavations here uncovered proof of a village, consisting of fire pits and postholes marking the corners of raised houses. The trail system takes you up and over the midden complex.

The protect is an excellent location to teach kids about nature. This snail was on a tree near the toilets.

The mangrove swamp along the Halifax River basinThe further you progress towards the river, the thicker the mangroves grow together until they create a dense forest along the rivers coast.

Its not a high tower, however uses a panorama off towards the ocean. Another nature play ground is at its base. Go back to the main trail and keep clambering up and down through the dunes.

Cross the asphalt over towards the restrooms to discover the other crosswalk across Peninsula Drive when it returns to the parking location.

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Return to the primary trail and keep climbing up and down through the dunes.

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After a climb, the path reaches a T junction with the initial path across the residential or commercial property. Turn right to stroll up to the crosswalk leading to the beach.

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Turn right at Old Carriage Road and drive down to Peninsula Drive, which parallels the Intracoastal Waterway. Continue 0.4 mile to the preserve entryway on the.