Gazing over the lip of this remarkable spring, it seems like youre checking out a bottomless pit.

Covered in ribbons of turquoise and blue, its a wild place, the natural coastline accentuated just with a few staircases to assist you get to the waters edge.

Royal Springs is an appeal, an uncommon natural swimming hole off the beaten course along the Suwannee River.

Steep and broad, it drops 42 feet, which is why Suwannee County offers a high launch platform for jumping into the spring.

View from swimming area to diving platform at Royal Springs

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Many visitors are here to dive or jump into the spring and swim. Swimmers can access water level by taking either of the staircases on the east side of the spring.

There are portable toilets and picnic tables by the parking location.

The lip of the spring is rocky. The diving platform is there for a factor, as it launches you out over the deepest water. Diving in from other locations is not safe.

The springs of the Suwannee River Valley. No matter the size, these natural swimming holes are a pleasure.

Boaters can utilize the ramp to access the river. In addition to the boat ramp, the park includes picnic grounds between the parking lot and the spring.

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A horseshoe-shaped trail twists around the spring, providing access to the Suwannee River on either side.

The depths of Royal Springs at its rocky edge.

Place: OBrien
Trailhead: 30.084623,-83.075025.
Address: 20051 157th Lane, OBrien.
Hike: 0.5 mile double round-trip (horseshoe).
Costs: Free.
Restroom: Portalets.
Land Manager: Suwannee County Parks.
Phone: 386-362-3004.

Outdoor camping.
While there is no outdoor camping on the grounds of Royal Springs, there are numerous personal camping sites not far away:.
Cavern Dive Camp.
Ichetucknee Family Canoe & & Cabins.
Ichetucknee Springs Campground.
River Run Campground.
In addition to OLeno State Park, about a half hour away.

Outflow into the Suwannee River.

Walking down the walkway to the right of the dive platform, it leads you behind a screen of forest on the bluff.

The spring is deep listed below the diving platform.

From the crossway of US 27 and US 129 in Branford, follow United States 129 north for 5.5 miles. Turn west on CR 349. Follow this rural roadway for 8.9 miles to the turnoff onto 198th Terrace, where there is an indication. Continue 0.7 mile to the turn onto unpaved 157th Lane, which leads right into the park.

The spring run tumbles out to the Suwannee River.

Picnic area at Royal Springs.

The lip of the spring is rocky. The diving platform is there for a reason, as it launches you out over the inmost water. The springs of the Suwannee River Valley.

See our photos of Royal Springs.

The first supplies spring-level access to delve into the depths from a rocky ledge. The second goes to a shallow rack for a more mild dip in the water.

About the Park.
The springs are the highlight of Hugh Byron Hollingsworth Sr. County Park in OBrien, just north of Branford in Suwannee County.

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The beaten course leads you along the steep slope above the spring run as it flows over rapids to meet the Suwannee River.

From the intersection of US 27 and United States 129 in Branford, follow United States 129 north for 5.5 miles. Continue 0.7 mile to the turn onto unpaved 157th Lane, which leads right into the park.

The view back towards the dive platform.

Going the opposite way from the parking location, the pathway offers an accessible route for visitors to get to 2 entry indicate the spring.

Staircases causing spring level.

There is no outdoor camping on website, the park is a stop for paddlers following the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail so they can take a break on shore.

The spring basin as seen from the dive platform.

Authorities Website.

The park opens at dawn everyday except on Wednesdays, when it opens at 11am.

The view directly down from the diving platform.

It climbs along a sloping slope. Along the method, you circle a small spring in a tight spot.

The trail continues to an observation deck with a prime view down into the spring and across to the platform.

Return back along the same beaten course to the developed pathway up and around the spring basin.

Animals are not permitted. Please take care of children, as there are steep dropoffs.


Springs of the Suwannee River Valley.

After the developed path ends, youre totally free to roam. A well-beaten however unmarked trail traces the outflow of the springs beneath ancient cypress trees.

Path Map.

Pathways are available to observation points. Access to the spring basin is not available due to its rocky edges and natural setting.

The paved path ends at an observation deck ignoring the Suwannee River next to a boat ramp.