On our check outs here, weve seen four various types of woodpeckers, in addition to gnatcatchers, flickers, and sparrows.

Central to the vast landscape secured by Salt Lake WMA in Mims, the uplands of pine flatwoods and scrub make for essential bird habitat.

Pine flatwoods dominate the uplands of Salt Lake WMA

Box turtles and gopher tortoises appreciate these dry uplands too, given that much of the acreage of Salt Lake WMA is under water.

A marked loop using forest roads that can be hiked or biked, this 4.1-mile loop makes for a satisfying day walking.

Marshes are sprinkled through the pine flatwoods


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Open from 90 minutes before sunrise to 90 minutes after sunset. Leashed dogs welcome.

Location: MimsLength: 4.1 mile loopTrailhead: 28.6397, -80.8900 Fees: NoneRestroom: Vault toilet at trailheadLand supervisor: Florida FWCPhone: 352-732-1225

Examine open season prior to you visit. You need to wear brilliant orange if hiking here throughout arranged hunts.


Gravel covers the walkway at a location where a bayhead overload drains seasonally into the pine flatwoods.

Continue directly ahead. The trail stays to the west side of the power line.By 3.8 miles you complete the loop portion of the hike. Continue straight ahead, following Powerline Road.

The trail curves past ancient saw palmettos rising on their trunks out of the pine savanna.

Emerging from the pines, you see an orange tipped post off to the left. Farther down the forest road, the path comes within view of the power lines.

Tall loblolly bay trees and cypress control a bayhead swamp at 1.7 miles. The trail reaches another four-way crossway.

Soft sand on the forest roadway.

The road parallels power lines on both sides. Pass a marsh that drains below the roadway. Clumps of needlerush frame pines on the far horizon.

We startled an alligator along the next wetland, where the path ends up being gravel to allow it to drain throughout the road.

Passing a small anxiety marsh with needlerush, the trail go back to the edge of the powerline and begins to parallel it.

Previous the Boneyard indication once again prior to you spot the trailhead up ahead, which you reach after 4.1 miles.

Stroll past another depression marsh on the left in between the power and the path line, surrounded by cabbage palms, like a little sanctuary.

As the habitat transitions to a slash pine forest, keep alert for a curve to the right at a junction of tracks.

At 0.4 mile, a sign says “Bone Yard to right.” Continue past it to satisfy the loop part of this trail, which begins at 0.7 mile.

Path Map.

Winding to the right under the power lines and back into the edge of the pine forest, the path comes up to the junction of Powerline Road and Bear Bluff Road.

Reaching a property boundary with personal property, the path makes a sharp right at a 4-way crossway. An ephemeral wetland is hectic with birds.

Wetlands are on both sides of the path, just little marshes in depressions. The path ends up back under the power lines again.

Turn left at a double blaze, passing a floodplain forest. At 1.4 miles, pass a broad forest road to the left.

At 2.4 miles, this is the top of the loop. A forest road goes off to the. A bat box sits off in the range in the open scrub.

The large open landscape of the palmetto grassy field.

Bird box on a high pine.

At 3.1 miles, pass a roadway being available in from the right. The trail continues winding its way back towards the entryway.

An ephemeral wetland pond.

An evergreen along the road taken in the barbed wire added to it.

While we didnt see any along our hike, we thought we heard them in the range.

Start of the hike just south of the trailhead.

Passing a forest roadway sweeping in from the left, the trail continues straight towards a stand of pines in the range.


At the next junction, the trail goes straight ahead, going into an open palmetto grassy field.

Turn left onto a forest roadway into the pine flatwoods. Marshes show up to the left beyond the pines.

Spot of scrub forest in the grassy field.

A small slough was covered with a mat of pine pollen during our go to. A wetland stretches off to the right towards a floodplain forest.

Salt Lake Hiking Trail at Salt Lake WMA.

White violets and yellow bladderwort cluster in a low spot on the trail. A soft haze fills the flatwoods.

By 2.6 miles the path reaches the power line. A double blaze points out the right turn, northbound along Powerline Road.

Amid the grassy field are patches of scrub, with short sand live oaks and Chapman oaks of a perfect height for Florida scrub-jays.

A bayhead swamp on the left has a big stocky, loblolly bay tree. The path curves along the powerline and heads into the pine flatwoods.

Looking over to a bayhead swamp.

The white blazes lead you along the edge of the pine flatwoods, with a floodplain overload beyond.

In the pine flatwoods.

From the trailhead kiosk, head straight down Powerline Road. Its a hard-packed limestone road that begins out well shaded.

A bird box sits in the middle of the scrubby flatwoods as the path points towards open scrub.

Marshy area near the power lines.

From Interstate 95 exit 223, Mims, drive west on SR 46 for 0.7 mile to Turpentine Rd. Turn left. Follow it north 1.5 miles. It turns best and ends up being Panther Lane. After a half mile, Panther Lane turns left and ends up being Arch Road, leading right approximately the entrance gate and parking lot.

Marshy slough with alligator.

The trail makes a right, the walkway becoming soft sand in the scrub. The white blazes lead towards a copse of slash pines.

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After a half mile, Panther Lane turns left and becomes Arch Road, leading right up to the entryway gate and parking area.

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A forest roadway goes off to the. The path stays to the west side of the power line.By 3.8 miles you finish the loop part of the hike.

Salt Lake WMASpanning almost 8,000 acres in between Salt Lake, Lake Loughman, and South Lake, Salt Lake WMA is a popular birding and fishing destination with many miles of trails.

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Path Map (PDF) Hunt Dates Official Website.

The roadway parallels power lines on both sides. Clumps of needlerush frame pines on the far horizon.