Summertime is now in full swing, and you might be asking yourself how you can safely travel throughout COVID-19. If youre like me, youre not intending on flying or remaining in hotels for a while. Youre likewise taking COVID-19 and social distancing seriously, however that does not indicate the entire summer season needs to be a wash.

With proper preparation and safety measures, I believe road tripping and car outdoor camping throughout COVID-19 can be done securely, while also securing the regional neighborhoods where you are taking a trip. Assuming there are no travel restrictions in place, I wished to share some tips for road tripping and outdoor camping throughout COVID that are working for me right now.

Get suggestions for preparing a safe road trip throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check local COVID-19 guidelines prior to you begin your road trip

I d also motivate you to research whats happening with any Native American reservations you may be going through, as much of them, such as the Navajo Nation, are experiencing break outs and asking visitors to stay away.

If you cant discover anything there, a quick google search like “Moab travel COVID-19” (as an example) will normally turn up the details you are looking for. This COVID-19 case tracker is likewise helpful as a starting point for your planning.

For your roadway journey, youll wish to take note of whether campgrounds and centers are open. Youll likewise desire to focus on other policies, like whether masks are required. Some destinations are even requiring a negative COVID test or a compulsory 14-day quarantine upon arrival, so dont be caught off guard.

Be strategic with your food planning and products

As for dining out, I understand that part of the enjoyable of traveling is attempting local restaurants, who might likewise actually utilize some company right now. If you do wish to support them, get and then discover someplace quite to have a picnic, rather than dining in.

For protein, we are vegan, so we consume a lot of tofu. I just recently found Butler Soy Curls, which are dehydrated chunks of soy protein that can be contributed to any dish. Since they dont require refrigeration and a single pack has 8 servings, these are fantastic.

Weve actually extended our food supply by relying on non-perishables. This implies packing canned beans, grains, bottled sauces, and pasta.

For water, bring a few 5-7 gallon water jugs with you so you dont have to purchase water throughout your journey. If you require to refill them along the way, many gas stations and camping areas have spigots you can utilize.

For milk, we select shelf-stable nut milks– like macadamia nut milk– that just requires to be cooled after opening.

If you do need to re-up on fresh food during your journey, check to see if their are any regional farmers markets. Thats an excellent method to support the local community, while avoiding needing to go inside a supermarket.

Typically when Im on roadway trip, I discover myself going to the store every couple of days to choose up food and anything else I might have forgot to bring from home. Now, Im attempting to avoid random trips to the shop to lessen my contact with others. This suggests when we leave for a road trip, we try to prepare out our meals and pack as much food as we can suit our van.

Camp on Public Lands & & Be Self-Reliant

If a shower is a must and you do not wish to go to dig a hole for # 2s, consider bringing a solar shower bag and a portable toilet.

Something Im not interested in doing right now is remaining at hectic established camping sites and depending on public restrooms and showers. Initially, this suggests we are picking complimentary dispersed campgrounds away from other individuals. In addition, we are showering and going to the restroom outside, while following Leave No Trace concepts.

Choose Less Popular Destinations

Towns like McCall and Moab dont have the resources to handle a major COVID-19 outbreak.If youve been actually careful and have been practicing social distancing, then I personally believe going on a journey is okay if you follow the recommendations in this article and avoid costs too much time in towns.

Be mindful of how you are connecting with the residents if you are taking a trip from a state with a high infection rate to a state with fewer cases. Numerous mountain towns have small medical facilities with fewer medical resources, so its important that we dont bring COVID-19 with us and contaminate local communities.

Select less popular routes that are wide adequate to safely pass while keeping 6 feet in between you and other hikers.
Be Considerate of the Locals

Nevertheless, if youve been going to bars, socializing with friends, and have not been practicing social distancing over the last couple of weeks and months, then you must consider staying home this summertime. If you were unwittingly an asymptomatic provider and you passed it on to others during your trip, envision. This is one way the infection is continuing to spread, and its essential to not forget that.

For more ideas on hiking during COVID-19, check out this blog site post.

Prevent traveler destinations where its difficult to social distanceWhile these are simply a couple of examples from our National Parks, with social distancing recommendations, its wise to select destinations and routes that are less popular. Personally, Im attempting to find locations that are off the beaten path by using paper maps to check out cool dirt roadways. I also usually wear a Buff around my neck on all of my walkings now.

Now may not be the time. Even more, I check out that automobiles are lining up as early as 11pm the evening before in hopes they will be the first ones into the park in the early morning. To me, all of that sounds like a significant discomfort, specifically when there are so lots of other cool locations in Southern Utah with barely any people.

The same opts for locations like Yellowstone where social distancing on the boardwalks is near impossible.

We will prevent the crowds by going to later on in the season once school is back in session if we do decide to go to any National Parks.

Do Not Forget your Mask and Hand Sanitizer

As for masks, lots of locations are now requiring it, and masks are vital for securing yourself and others. Plus its the considerate thing to do. Your road trip is a great time to start if you have not been wearing one.

Hand sanitizer is crucial to use after you fill up at gas stations, go in any stores, or utilize any public facilities. Its most likely going to be even more hard to get your hands on as soon as you are on your roadway trip if youve been having trouble finding hand sanitizer. I suggest having a huge bottle of hand sanitizer available in your vehicle and utilizing it anytime you touch any surface areas other individuals have actually touched.

I likewise dislike to advise using single-use latex gloves, but I wear one on one of my hands when I fill up at the gas pump and only touch the pump and credit card device with that hand.

Bear in mind Who you Meet up with During your Travels

Remaining at a dispersed camping area far from other groups
I d love to understand how you feel about summer travel and roadway tripping during COVID-19. Share your ideas with the BFT neighborhood down in the comments listed below.

One of my favorite parts of van life is all of the cool individuals you fulfill on the roadway. If we do camp with any buddies, Ill be practicing social distancing on the path and around the campfire and will be washing my hands often.

In addition, we will not be sharing food with anyone we are camping with. Its a bummer to not have the ability to split dinner task, but I do not feel comfy eating food prepared by other individuals.

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For your roadway journey, youll want to pay attention to whether campgrounds and centers are open. Generally when Im on roadway trip, I find myself going to the shop every couple of days to pick up food and anything else I may have forgot to bring from home. If youve been having trouble finding hand sanitizer, its most likely going to be even more tough to get your hands on when you are on your roadway journey. If you havent been using one, your roadway trip is a great time to start.


Youre also taking COVID-19 and social distancing seriously, however that does not suggest the whole summertime has to be a wash.

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